Adorama Customer Service


Customer service agent

At first they play nice... They assure they are going to help and will work through your issue.

I called asking about an exchange for a Macbook Pro that I recently purchased. Granted, the day I called it was just past the 30 days; however, after I explained I was requesting it past the 30 days, they granted me an exception and sent me a pre-paid, UPS label to send it back for an exchange. The key part of this entire transaction is the word 'exchange'....not RETURN.

The difference between the two was very clear: for returns, it would be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee, for exchanges, this fee was waived!

Mousetrap with some cheese for bait.

...but then the Bait & Switch! They lure you into believing they are going to help, only to completely reverse course!

The next day, after I shipped off my brand new, malfunctioning Macbook Pro computer. I called Adorama Customer Service back to see if my exchange could be shipped while the other was still in transit. I even offered to have the second computer charged to my credit card until they received the exchanged computer. The first customer service agent agreed to this but then shortly came back to tell me the computer had been discontinued and they no longer had any in stock. Then I asked if I could choose a similar model and pay the difference if necessary. They agreed but told me the manager had to approve. So I found a similar model and put in the request and waited to hear back from the manager. I was told the manager would get back to me by the end of the day.

Well, the end of the day came and went. The next morning came and went. After this long period of not hearing back from the manager, I called back into the customer service to check in on the status. It was then that I was forwarded to Jen R. at Adorama. She supposedly was the Customer Service Supervisor. It was Jen who then informed me that my request for an exchange was no longer valid and that my computer was going to be processed as a return and will be subject to the minimum 15% restocking fee! With a $2,500 Macbook Pro, this was going to be at least $300!!!

When I asked what happened to the exchange, she informed me they were never going to do the exchange and it was always going to be processed as a return. I asked her to verify in my very first phone call that I specifically requested an exchange and NOT a return. She said she would verify with her supervisors and call me back later in the day.

Again, the phone call never came. Then next morning....nothing. So now I'm out a computer and going to be hit with a restocking fee of over $300 for a computer that never worked correctly in the first place! I sent a few emails and even left voicemails indicating I would like my computer sent back due to the fact that it was sent under false promises made by Adorama. I asked them to issue a UPS Delivery Intercept so that the computer could be re-routed while in the care of UPS. They told me this was impossible; they said UPS did not have this ability (please click on the UPS link above to see that they DO have this capability). I did get them to agree to send it back to me via Overnight deliver the day they received it... but again, this did not happen.

They did not ship it back the same day. It was sent back a full day later! To top it off, they opened up the package and removed some of the special covering I had placed on the laptop to keep it safe from scratches while in transit!! They had no reason to even open the box because I simply asked them to send me my package back. They didn't need to verify anything!!!!

An apple dressed as a super hero.

Apple Customer Service ROCKS! Apple knows how to get customer service right.

The people at Apple have been extremely helpful throughout this entire ordeal of the horrendous customer service I received from Adorama. They listened to my rants about the turn of events I had with Adorama's customer service and wanted to help me in any way they could. They didn't want the bad experience with Adorama to tarnish my Apple experience. They took ownership of the fact that Adorama was actually an Authorized Apple Dealer, listed on Apple's own website.

In the future I will only buy my Apple products from Apple. There is no substitute for great customer service. Adorama should really take note and fix their horrible customer service.